Doktor A's Online Show and Studio Archive Sale.

Welcome to Doktor A’s Summer Online Show!
Here you will find new work and old work. All never before available to the public.
Customised toys, small edition resin collectibles and rare and sold out items from the studio archive.
Enjoy the new pieces and take the opportunity to add something to your collection.

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“Guru DelToro Enhanced” – SOLD
Douglas J. Machen 
A Mechtorian, customised Synthetic Human figure. By Doktor A.
Promo Image
“Dougles J. Machen – Satyr” – SOLD
Jakie Lope.
A Mechtorian customised Thimblestump Hollow figure. By Doktor A.
Jackie Lope”- £175
“Medusa DelaMere” – SOLD
“The Detained” – SOLD
“Rupture Mighty Mugg Micro Edition” – SOLD OUT
“Purple Edition Tall Titfers” – £75
Bloodied Gwin Art Toy – £40
Nyarlathotep painted statue sculpted by Bruce Attley (Whistlecraft) Doktor A.
Nyarlathotep Resin Statue – £350
“The Ego Engine of Jeremiah Bumpswitch” – SOLD OUT
“Cornelius Driptank” – SOLD OUT
Stephan LePodd Art Toy Factory Paint Test – SOLD
Studly Bilund Factory Test Heads – SOLD OUT
Mandrake Root Print – SOLD
Killer Target Print – SOLD
Goteki Resin Figure Masters – £50 Each