Nyarlathotep Painted Resin Statue

Nyarlathotep painted statue sculpted by Bruce Attley (Whistlecraft) Doktor A.

Nyarlathotep the god of chaos.
A Statue / Sculpture / Idol of the H P Lovecraft character.

Created at Arkham Dark Art gallery in Brighton England in the 1990’s.
This is a the hand painted “Artist’s Proof”.

Polyurethane Resin with Acrylic paint.
11″ tall by 5″ wide.

A three legged humanoid figure with a red tentacle for a face.
Its arms are crossed over its chest.
Each of its legs has a differnt foot. One of a man, one of a bird and the hoof of a beast.
Its genitalia is a mass of tentacles.

It sits atop a sphere impaled on a tetrahedron. The sphere has on its front a Mandlebrot Set pattern from fractal chaos theory.
The tetrahedron has hieroglyphics saying something along the lines of ” The Opener of the Gate”

The underside of the base has a foam pad and a label “Made in Arkham”. And stating it is the Artist Proof. Also signed by the artist.

An extremely rare item of Lovecraft memorabilia.
This sculpture was produced in a simple ivory like finish in the 1990s with a vey low run.
This may be the only fully painted one in existence.

It will be shipped in a foam lined box.

£350 (+ P&P)