The Ego Engine of Jeremiah Bumpswitch

Jeremiah was a very very small fellow.
He would be overlooked at parties and trodden on in public.
It wasn’t that he was slow or dull, he was just very very small.
To rectify this situation he constructed for himself an ego engine.
A second body which he could inhabit to give him the proportions and gravitas he craved.
His new presence filled rooms, turned heads, drew attention and comment, and inflated his self esteem.
He became universally famous as….
“That fellow who always gets stuck in doorways”.

Customised Mochi resin figure by MUPA Toys.
Polyurethane, Lead, Acrylic, Rubber, Cast Metal Winding Key.
2.75” tall

Signed and dated on the underside.
Comes in a foam lined presentation box.

£175 (+ P&P)