Cornelius Driptank

Cornelius Driptank was a hard worker!
Toiling for hours in the hot and dark environments of the sulphur mines.
He loved the work, the challenge, the endurance of effort.
But he really, really hated the grit that would find it’s way into his gears.
To this end he had himself re-modeled.
Now he could easily remove his whole face. 
A quick internal rinse and he could be back to work.
Grit free and happy.

Customised Mallow resin figure by MUPA Toys.
Polyurethane, Polyester, Lead, Acrylic, Rubber, Magnets, Cast Metal Winding Key.
3.25” tall

The mask is held in place with a magnetic closure. 
Once removed the internal “cold-cast” resin mechanism is revealed.

An artist’s sample from an unreleased edition.

£175 (+ P&P)