Tall Titfers – Micro Edition Purple Resin Art Multiple

Purple Edition Tall Titfers resin Mechtorian collectibles. Steampunk robot hats with tentacles by Doktor A.

Tit for tat – Hat.
Get ahead! Get a hat! In this case literally.
In Mechtoria any object from a building to an item of clothing may in fact be a sentient person with their own opinions and desires.
So putting together a harmonious outfit may take on an entirely different meaning.

Titfers with their tentacles extended!

This is a hand painted Purple micro edition or only three pieces in each style.
Topper, Bowler, Fez.
Signed, numbered and dated on the underside.

Hat-based robot characters with inset reflective glass eyes and a cast metal winding key.
Made in England from Polyester resin.
Each figure is around 2″ tall and comes boxed.

£75 each (+ P&P)