Sir Cuthbert Pinkerly-Wormsborough at the Helm of Her Majesties’s Subterranean Ironclad defender

Sir Cuthbert Pinkerly-Wormsborough at the Helm of Her Majesties's Subterranean Ironclad defender Mechtorian Customised art toy by Doktor A.

Death From Below
Sir Cuthbert is one of the few non mechanical members of Retropoli’s population.
He is a indigenous inhabitant of the planet Victoria where the Mechtorians set up home.
He met the early settlers, helped them find their feet and made himself part of the establishment.
In fact it was Sir Cuthbert who persuaded them that they really should have an Army.
Every country needs an army.. Otherwise who will defend them in an attack..
The fact that there is no one else on the planet capable of attacking seemed a moot point.
He now supplies all armaments to the forces and has done very well out of it, gaining a knighthood and a massive fortune along the way.
So no longer the parasitic worm he once was…
Customised Giant Zlik resin figure by Andrew Bell.
Resin, Brass, Lead, Styrene, Aluminium, Polymer clay, Steel, Found Objects.