The Astounding Incendiary Automaton

The Astounding Incendiary Automaton echtorian customised toy by Doktor A.

A spring powered marvel of modern warfare.
Guaranteed 100% impervious to “Devils rope”.
The remarkable modern advancements in the field of clockwork mechanisms have lead to the development of this new type of automatic infantryman, suitable for the dashed unsporting theatre of today’s front line conflicts.
1. Insert winding key provided into hole at the automaton’s waistline.
2.Wind in a clockwise direction.
3.The number of turns made is equal to the number of yards the automaton will advance before self detonating.
4.Place the automaton on the ground taking great care to face it in the direction of the enemy.
5. Release the automaton.
6. Take cover and wait.
Important : Do not attempt to return to the automaton once winding has ceased.

Customised “Nade” toy from Jamungo and ex service ammunition case.
Vinyl, Brass, Steel, Copper, Lead, Polymer clay, Velvet, Beech wood, Paper, Rubber,  Found Objects.
10″ tall.