The Ringmaster

The Ring Master Mechtorian figure by Doktor A.

Barnabus T. Barnabus, the Hawker, Barker and Ringmaster of the show has travelled with it since the beginning.
Originally “The Orrible Legless Boy” he purchased some wheels and worked his way up to run the whole shebang. His eye for the peculiar and his unique way with words have made him and the circus a monumental success.
Many dispossessed Mechtorians now arrive at the Freak Show’s doors seeking fame and fortune. But they have to be chosen by Barnabus to make the cut.
Though it is worth noting that he can probably be bribed with a packet of Custard Creams

Using parts of A Mei Mei toy, A Stephan LePodd toy and a Sqwert toy.
Vinyl, Rubber, Lead, Polymer clay, Paper, ABS, Brass, Steel, Found objects.
8.5” tall