The Mechanics of Life

The Mechanics of Life.
Resin and vinyl Bear figures.
In collaboration between Luke Chueh, Munky King Toys and Doktor A, Bruce Whistlecraft.  White and Black set.

The Artist’s Daily Struggle with Self Motivation

A collaborative art toy from Munky King toys.
Created by Doktor A using Luke Chueh’s vinyl Bear figure.
The edition of 50 pieces shows the internal mechanism of the sad bear.
Required to wind his heart daily.
The figure features a hand cast, polished “cold cast” resin internal pieces, resin chest door and winding key, combined with original vinyl toy parts.
The figure comes boxed with a wall background display piece.
Signed and numbered by the artists.
8″ tall.

Two editions were created. One in White with Pewter parts. One Black with Brass parts.
There were also “chase” variants with black hearts instead of the red.