Hammersmith Black Smith Mechtorian Robot figure customised 3A toy by Doktor A.

Mr. Hammer and Mr. Smith, purveyors of the finest wrought ironwork for any use or occasion.
When the skilfully minded, but diminutive and feeble Mr. Smith met the unimaginatively named ex military bodyguard Mr Hammer they knew they were destined for greater things.
Together they were so much more than the sum of their parts. They were the artisan creators of many an other Mechtorian’s parts too.
From fashioning stylish lady’s body panels from rare coppers, to forming battle bots armour from base metals, there was nothing they could not handle.
Brains and brawn. An artist’s eye and a strong arm.
Together they wrought their art!

Customised 1/12 WWRp DIY Large Martin from 3A Toys.
P.V.C Toy parts, Styrene, A.B.S, Lead, Epoxy Resin, Paper, Rubber, Found Objects.
13″ tall.