Erasmus Kipple 

Erasmus Kipple Mechtorian sculpture by Doktor A.

Where there’s muck there’s Brass.. Or so the saying goes.
It proved true for Erasmus.
Mistaken for dead and ejected to a scrap heap, he slowly recovered and began to rebuild his broken body from that lay around him.
Exchanging his steam drive for a clockwork one allowed him to go without fuel and cut another tie to his dependence on society.
He dropped out for a while, scavenging the heaps, organising and cataloguing.
Then he returned with a new and successful venture.
Forging an innovative line in reclamation yards which became a new trend among the middle classes.

ABS, Vinyl, Epoxy, Steel, Lead, Rubber, Found Objects, Vintage Brass Winding Key.
On a vintage gilded wood and velvet base.
10″ tall.