G.N.O.M.E (Gyroscopic Non Ornamental Mechanised Excavator)

G.N.O.M.E Mechtorian production vinyl art toy by Doktor A and Raje toys Gnome

Originally created to excavate the labyrinthine tunnel system for Retropolis’s underground pneumatic railway, the G.N.O.M.Es have proven themselves useful for many other tasks.
Currently employed on an ambitious continent to continent sub sea corridor project. The peculiarly hard ocean floor rocks have begun to give them headaches.
Several of them intend taking some time off when it is over and plan a little jaunt to the centre of the planet for a vacation.

Production Resin toy by Raje Toys.
Removable hat and interchangeable hands.
4 versions produced :
Traditional Version (Red) – – – 415 pieces
Crepuscular “Chase” version (brown with vines) – – – 85 pieces
Mono Striped (Designer Con Exclusive) Striped – – – 150 pieces
Prototype White Beard – – – 50 pieces
8″ tall.