Digby Shuttleworth

Digby Shuttleworth Mechtorian sculpture by Doktor A.

Mill owner and Industrialist.
Digby owns and runs a large proportion of the cotton mills in the north of the city.
He pioneered the use of an indigenous cloud polyp’s web as the basis of a new cloth and has made his fortune from it.
He was also responsible for the construction of some of the largest, and happiest, steam looms ever created. They while away the hours chatting and playing Mahjong amongst themselves whilst churning out the rolls of cloth. Though not built with legs or indeed any way to exit the mills which they inhabit, they are all content and take pride in their work.

Polymer Clay, Vinyl, Brass, Steel, Lead, ABS, Acrylic, Vintage Clock Parts, Found Objects.
12” long by 9” tall.