Cunningham & Son’s Asphyx Enticement and Containment Engine

Cunningham & Son's Asphyx Enticement and Containment Engine Mechtorian sculpture by Doktor A.

1. Remove strap and leads from the storage drawer.
2. Place electrodes against forehead and tighten strap.
3. Attach bulldog clips to terminals in the jaw.
4. Set over-ride timer to desired duration.
5. Crank the main handle to build electrical charge.
6. Close the main switch to engage the electrical flow.
7. Increase the electrical voltage using dial.
8. Wait until your Asphyx manifests within the tube.
9. Shut off charge to electrodes using the main switch.
10. Transfer the Asphyx to a long term containment device.
11. Congratulations you have gained immortality.

Private commission inspired by the 1973 film.
Lifesized Resin human skull, Vintage brass lamp parts, Epoxy resin, MDF, Lead, Acrylic, Polyester resin, copper, brass, rubber, glass, vinyl, ABS, vintage leather strapping, dynamo driven lighting system, Found objects.
14″ tall.