Blavatski & Son’s : Patented Afterlife Communicator – The Dead Speak

Blavatski & Son's : Patented Afterlife Communicator - The Dead Speak Mechtorian sculpture by Doktor A.

1. Carefully place the Patented Communicator on top of a small item which once belonged to the deceased.
2. Slowly crank the handle in a clockwise direction.
3. Whilst cranking whisper a question into the horn.
4. Cease the initial cranking for a short moment.
5. Slowly crank in a counter-clockwise direction.
6. Wait and listen to for a response from the deceased.

Polyester resin, Epoxy Resin, Polymer clay, MDF, ABS, Lead, Copper, Rubber, Vintage clock crank handle, Vintage pine wood box with velvet lining.
13″ long. ( Box dimensions 12″ X 9.5″ X 8″ )