The Whipple Brothers

Whipple Brothers two Mechtorian brothers who share a brain. By Doktor A.

– Siamese twins joined at the Brain –

When Ronson Travithick first introduced his revolutionary NanoClockwork brains they were all the rage. It was the height of fashion to be seen sporting one of these mechanical marvels in your newly remodeled cranium.
Their extraordinary high price tag did, however put them out of the reach of many of Retropoli’s denizens.
Twin brothers Arthur and Simeon Whipple hit upon the idea of pooling their money and purchasing one between them. Unable to come up with an agreeable rota of usage for their new acquisition they instead took the unusual decision to fuse their two bodies together and share the brain simultaneously.
As soon as they turned it on they realised the folly of their ways. But alas they had not the funds to undo their mistake.
Once the upgraded and refined version of the brains were released the following year the resulting drop in resale value of their own shiny think-stuffs made it impossible to ever gain the funds to separate.
So they turned their mishap to their advantage and joined the Freakshow circus.

Customised Zombi toys.
Vinyl, Rubber, Lead, Polymer clay, Paper, ABS, Brass, Silver, Found objects.
6″ tall.