Mr. Head – Philosopher

Mr Head Mini Mechtorian vinyl toy by Mindstyle and Doktor A.

Philosopher and thinker extraordinaire.
Responsible for the big ideas in Retropolis. Advisor to royalty, big business and the lay-mech alike. His thoughts are wonderful, colourful and huge in scope.
Though he is a tad forgetful and so makes endless reams of unintelligible notes on napkins and envelopes.
Not a great dinner guest as he tends to mutter to himself constantly.

Vinyl production toy by MindStyle.
3” tall.
Four different versions :
Sunday Best – – – 1000 pieces
Copper (San Diego Comic Con pre release) – – –  5 pieces
Verdigris (Golden Ticket “chase”) – – – 50 pieces
Metallic Black (Mindstyle Anniversary box set) – – – 35 pieces
Mourning (Hand painted customs) – – – 20 pieces