D. J. Gramo

D J Gramo Mechtorian Vinyl toy by Mindstyle and Doktor A.

Entertainer and celebrity. Dermot Joshua Gramo spins the tunes in the most popular of night spots. His personal collection of 78’s is legendary, the largest in the world they say.
It has to be noted that his rise in popularity has put pay to the careers of a great deal of the city’s wax cylinder hawkers and peddlers. Everyone wants the new flat disk records these days.
It’s what’s hip don’t you know.

Vinyl production toy by MindStyle.
3” tall.
Three different versions produced :
Sunday Best – – – 1000 pieces
Verdigris (Golden Ticket “chase”) – – – 50 pieces
Metallic Black (Mindstyle Anniversary box set) – – – 30 pieces