Guru DelToro Enhanced

Guru DelToro Enhanced Customised art toy by Doktor A on a base toy designed by Chogrin.

A unique customised Mechtorian version of the fantastic Guru DelToro art toy designed by Chogrin and produced by Unruly Industries.

A vinyl figure standing 8″ tall inspired by the Oscar winning Mexican film director Guillermo DelToro (The Shape of Water, Hellboy, Pacific Rim, Pans Labyrinth etc).
The figure combines elements from his movie and has been further added to in this enhanced version.

Signed and dated under the feet.
Comes in a foam lined custom shipping box.

Vinyl figure, Epoxy, Acrylic, Lead, ABS, Vintage Clockwork Winding Key.
7.5 tall X 10″ wide.

£700 (+ P&P)