In his giant ambulatory tower stage the D.J. spins his endless tunes.
Driving his sonic wave before him.
Powered by a reactor heart.
He throws out beats.
And makes the world dance to his tune.

Customised Giant Zlick figure from Andrew Bell.
Polyurethane resin, Epoxy Resin, Acrylic, Copper, Aluminium, Brass, Lead, Paper, Rubber,
L.E.D Lights, Bluetooth audio system, Found Objects, Vintage Clock Key, Vintage Brass Gramophone Horn.
29″ tall (2’5″) (73cm)

The Deck stage area can be removed.
The DJ is magnetically attached to the stage and can be removed.
The DJ head can be articulated.

Above the stage are two mini Brass working spotlights which can be turned on and off and articulated. One is green and one Red. They are attached magnetically.

The head contains a Bluetooth speaker system which plays through the horn

The large switch on the body front turns the red interior Reactor lights on and off.