Scuttler the Butler

Scuttler the Butler Mechtorian mini vinyl art toy by Doktor A and Mindstyle

One of the very first mechanical servants built by professor Whistlecraft.
More of an ambulatory tea tray than a real butler.
He has trouble opening doors or moving objects due to his lack of arms or indeed lack of a prehensile moustache, a feature found in later models of Mechtorians.
He also has a terrible memory and bad sense of direction, resulting in him often getting lost in large houses and arriving after such a delay that the teapot has grown cold.
He valiantly attempts to fulfill his role in life.
But is mostly kept around for sentimental reasons.

Production vinyl toy by Mindstyle.
Three versions made :
Sunday Best – – – 1000 pieces
Verdigris (Golden Ticket “chase”) – – –  50 pieces
Metallic Black (Mindstyle Anniversary box set) – – – 35 pieces
Mourning (Hand painted customs) – – – 20 pieces
3″ tall.