Blavatski & Sons Patented Mechanised Tasseomancer

Blavatski & Sons Patented Mechanised Tasseomancer Mechtorian sculpture by Doktor A.

Daily Divination Through Infusion Detritus.
The art of foretelling the future through the interpretation of tea leaves is an ancient and nobel art.
Blavatski & Sons new Tesseomancy engine brings this age old craft into the modern world.
Far more accurate than any crone, the Tesseomancer will deduce your future activities with a high degree of accuracy in a fraction of the time.
He can also make suggestions about the best way to brew a good cup of char.

Vinyl, Acrylic, Lead, Rubber, Brass, Copper, Paper, Glass, Vintage clock key and tea set, Found Objects.
10” tall.