Mr. Reilly

Mr. Reilly Mechtorian Customised toy by Doktor A.

Wanderer and dreamer, Mr. H.P.Reilly answered the unknowable call of the sea and set forth on an endless adventure.
He feels the distant pull of some ancient  unnamed island.
He drifts in unimaginable vistas of time and fathom dark expanses of primordial oceans.
He dreams of loathsome protoplasmic abhorrences which gibber and twitch in his fevered somnambulistic imaginings.
He dislikes seafood and trigonometry.

Customised Kluth the R’Lyeh Student. Designed and made by Sergey Safonov.
Polyurethane Resin, Lead, A.B.S, Gold, vintage display dome.
4″ tall (6″ tall in dome).